The Big Smoke

Well we have arrived in Melbourne. We feel very blessed as we are in a 2 storey house. We were supposed to look after 2 dogs but apparently they were anxious and so were put into a kennel. So we only have fish to look after. Not sure if we are still meant to take them for walks.

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Last Blog

This wil probably be our last trip blog. We have just arrived outside of Northam and will head into Perth tomorrow morning. Sad as we set up the caravan to sleep in for the last time for a while.

We crossed the nullabor quite quickly as the winds where with us. One of my favourite memories will be pla

ying on a salt lake at night time near our camp half way across the Eyre highway. It was great fun..and we where able to help a fellow traveller who broke down.

We got to spend a bit of time in Kalgoorlie and eat fresh food again..which you cant bring across the border. We met lots of characters there at the caravan park and had some good chats. Quite a unique town and of course it has a really big pit. While there we ‘celebrated’ qantas’ birthday. Melchi found it it was their anniversary and so really wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate.

Driving from Kalgoorlie we stopped at the rabbt proof fence..which is now an everything proof fence and the farmhouse that got knocked down by the earthquake in Meekatharra 50 years ago.

Not sure how we will go readjusting. Be nice to us if you see us and we might just want to sleep in the caravan every now and then..Melchi certainly does.

We feel very blessed to have had this journey and who knows what the next step will be..

West side

The last few days have seen us spend some time down the bottom of the Eyre Peninsula and up the west coast. We stayed at the seaside town of Tumby Bay for 2 days. It is a postcard type of town…with lots of fish to be caught😁 is also typical of the Eyre Peninsula where you often have beaches completely to yourselves.

We then spent 2 days at Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay. Port Lincoln is a nice regional centre with parklands and lots and lots of boats. We used it as our bsse to check out the nearby Lincoln National Park. Tim went snorkelling and saw a few schools of fish. Both there and in Coffin Bay we saw quite a few emus. Some of the beaches where perfect for swimming as there where in bays and the water ia crystal clear.

We also spent a day at Coffin Bay and up through Venus Bay which has some of the most spectacular scenery that we have seen in all of Australia, lots of dolphins….and a lot of flies.


For those who have made it this far in the post we are likely to be back in Perth around next Tuesday now. There will be a hot spell on the nullabor that we want to miss so will be crossing later this week.

Look forward to seeing u perth people soon😊

Peninsula Life

The last few days have seen us leave Adelaide and head north and west. We first visited the Yorke Peninsula for a night as Tim wanted to go snorkelling but the inclement weather forced us to head north. We spent the next day up at Port Pirie and Port Germain. We went on the very long jetty amd started crabbing but soon Daniel hurt himself on the jetty with some splinters in his foot so we had to go home.

This was a nice bush camp at the base of the southern flinders rangers. The next day we headed past Port Augusta and down the east side of the Eyre Peninsula. Melchi has also being doing some cooking for his hone schooling and we have had scones, fruit kebabs and popcorn.That night at a stop we saw what we think was a deadly brown snake. We also had a beach all to ourselves.


We drove through from western Victoria to Adelaide just stopping a couple of times on the way including for a really cool mural.

We got to Adelaide and have just left spending a few days catching up with friends and family and Melchi learning to put hia head on the water and suddenly enjoying the pool.

We where told about what we think is the best playground we have come across in Australia at St Kilda just north of Adelaide.

We had a really good time with different people and felt very blessed to see lots of people twice this year in Adelaide. From here on we are heading to the peninsulas west of Adelaide for a week or two and expect to be back in Perth in roughly 3 weeks.

Western Victoria

We have been travelling across Western Victoria the last few days including 2 days at the Grampians. Melchi loved it there as he had lots of school kids (15 yr olds) to play with. They where there for a camp representing their school so they had to be nice😊

We had a spot just under one of the mountains and it was really picturesque.

We also spent a day in Ararat which was largely founded by chinese immigrants who came to Australia to find gold. Melchi and me went to the museum and it was quite fascinating to learn about their journey.

We went to Stawell but despite what the brochure said the stawell gift museum was very closed so we went to Macdonalds to make up for it.

The last few days we have had lots of campfires and good chats. Last night while at the little desert national park in far west Victoria we saw a couple of large lizards..around 3 feet each. We also had lots of flies around and for the only the second time this trip the fly nets came out.